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These are a few of my favorite things

I often get asked what products do I need to get started making wood signs? Here are links to my top 10 must have products that I use every day (you'll notice I have an Amazon addiction)

  1. Dental Tools - I use these for all of my weeding

2 ) AC Ininity Inline Fan - a MUST HAVE for Glowforge cutting. so much more quiet than the built in fan. 3) Levoit Air Purifier - another must have for Glowforge cutting. 4) Selfie Ring Light - lighting is everything with photos. While natural light is best this produces a close 2nd. 5) 3M Tape - a necessity to adhere cut pieces to backers and signs 6) Pan scrapers - I use these to burnish transfer tape to my stencils 7) Dymo label writer - perfect for printing hipping labels - Thermal printer saves the expense of ink cartridges 8) Heat Gun - helps speed up the drying process. I use these when teaching workshops sometimes if someone started later than the group or if they were heavy handed when applying stain or paint 9. T-SQUARE - Maybe it's my architectural background but I still use a T-square to make sure my stencil is straight 10) Wrapping Paper Roll Cutter - I use this as a dispenser for my transfer tape (I'll post a video on this later).

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