This is a non-refundable deposit for a private event.  This can be applied towards any sign option for the private event ONLY.  No refunds or credits will be given for cancelled events unless an arrangement has been made with AJM Interiors.  There is a minumum of 6 guests plus the required to hold an event.  If you cannot meet these requirements the event will need to be rescheduled or canceled.  Your event registration/ sign selection will be done through a private link for your event.  I will provide a discount code to deduct the $30 from your total.


By completing this transaction you agree that...ALL of the above information is REQUIRED and will ONLY be used to record participation in this event and to notify you of future events with AJM Interiors.  

I confirm that I am willingly participating in this AJM Interiors workshop.  I authorize AJM Interiors to use all photographs of me taken at any AJM Interiors workshop.  In consideration of accepting my registration, providing the supplies and materials, and hosting this activity, I hereby release AJM Interiors and all its owners, agents, employees, and the property/building owner of all liability for any injuries or accidents that may occur while participating in this workshop.  I further agree to hold harmless and indemnify AJM Interiors from any claims, actions or demands, including costs and attorney fees.


Items demonstrated, displayed and/or made in our workshops are for personal use only.  The items and techniques are property of AJM Interiors and are considered CONFIDENTIAL.  I agree NOT TO commercially SELL, SHARE, DISCLOSE or TEACH techniques for recreating items learned or shown in this workshop or ANY workshop held by AJM Interiors at any time whether it be in my own ventures or for another person or entity within 100 miles of Holly Springs, North Carolina.  I agree that I will not use what I learn in this workshop to create a like business or workshop.

If I consume alcohol during the workshop, I accept full responsibility for my actions and for any injuries that may occur related to me or that I may cause to other participants as a result of my alcohol consumption on the premises, or thereafter when I leave the premises.

By completing this transaction, I agree that I have read this Release, understand the terms and agree to be bound thereby.