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This tall welcome sign is sure to greet your guests with a smile!  Floral leaf accents make this sign truly unique.


Measure 5ft tall x 8" wide


AJM Interiors farmhouse signs are handmade in our shop in North Carolina and can be customized in ANY way for you and your family! They come ready to hang and are large enough to stand on their own or can be incorporated into a gallery wall. We offer a variety of background stains, and paint finished.


To preserve the true farmhouse charm of our signs, we design around the natural knots, rough edges, and nail holes, this ensures no two signs will be exactly alike. Due to this, each piece will have it's own uniqueness.  Stain will present differently on each piece due to the knots, veining, etc. Also please understand that computer monitors may represent colors differently than how they actually appear.

Each piece is hand cut, sanded, stained and painted.  I do all the work myself and pay extremely close attention to detail.  Each piece is custom and unique.  Distressing may be different that what is shown, phrases may lay out differently depending on size of sign ordered.

PLEASE NOTE: These signs are made from wood.  As such they may have nicks, screw holes, indentations, etc.  This is part of the beauty of the wood and adds to the authenticity.  Boards are stained, and lettering is all painted  - no vinyl.  Outdoor signs are sealed to protect against the elements.  

Tall Welcome sign for Porch, Welcome sign with floral accent

  • Signs are sealed with matte sealer to protect against the elements.  Please keep in mind these are natural wood products and will last longer if protected from direct exposure.  A covered porch works best.  It is recommended to bring them inside if a large storm is approaching so they do not get knocked down and potentially damaged.  To prolong the life of your sign you may want to reapply sealer once a year.  We recommend Rustoleum Matte Clear Acrylic Spray.

Paint Brushes


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