Personalize your home with these zip code signs!  Makes a great housewarming or hostess gift!


Measres 12"W x 6


Stained in your choice of colors (see options)

Paint Colors:
1 - white
2 - ink (black)
3 - elephant
4 - cashew
5 - maize
6 - celery
7 - pool
8 - agave
9 - ocean
10 - crimson
11 - rhubarb
12 - mineral
13 - peacock
14 - truffle
15 - slate blue


Each piece is hand cut, sanded, stained and painted.  I do all the work myself and pay extremely close attention to detail.  Each piece is custom and unique.  Distressing may be different that what is shown, phrases may lay out differently depending on size of sign ordered.


PLEASE NOTE: These signs are made from wood.  As such they may have nicks, screw holes, indentations, etc.  This is part of the beauty of the reclaimed wood and adds to the authenticity.  

Zip Code or Address Sign

Lettering Color
    Paint Brushes


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